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Our licensed and accredited team can repair blocked drains, install gas lines, replace hot water systems, and much more.

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Gas is considered a cheaper alternative to electricity for heating and cooking. Connecting your plumbing and kitchen systems to a gas system is a delicate and complicated task which must be handled by a licensed gasfitter. For safe installation to your appliances and gas lines, get in contact with Origin Plumbing & Gas.

Hot Water Systems

A gas, electric or solar hot water system is a perfect way of saving money on your future electricity bills. When your unit starts leaking or if you suddenly have no hot water, we visit your residence in a flash for a fast and effective repair service. We promise you won’t be without hot water for very long.

Drain - Emergency Plumbing in Goonellabah, NSW

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can inevitably lead to more serious plumbing issues. Your drains may be blocked from one or more of the below:

  • Lodged foreign objects
  • Grease & fat build-up
  • Tree roots
  • Water overflowing

Our team have access to CCTV drain cameras and high pressure jetters to effectively and efficiently clear blocked drains. Combining this technology, we’re able to inspect the severity of the blockage and create a powerful blast of water to cut through the debris.

Awning - Emergency Plumbing in Goonellabah, NSW

Stormwater & Rainwater Systems

A purpose-built rainwater and stormwater system is a perfect way to capture and re-use runoff. We can install these systems to residential and commercial properties.

Stormwater is water which has made contact with the ground. It requires treatment to remove any contaminants including dirt pathogens, hydrocarbons, organic and inorganic material. Stormwater is a valuable resource for residential and commercial properties looking to use recycled water for landscaping and agricultural applications.

Rainwater systems collect water which falls on your roof. Although it is cleaner than stormwater, it is still non-potable. Our rainwater systems can treat the runoff and recycle it for garden watering, car washing, topping up swimming pools, flushing toilets, washing clothes and more.

Septic Systems

Septic tanks are perfect for home and business owners who are otherwise unable to connect to the local area’s sewage system. At Origin Plumbing & Gas, we have access to a small excavator to trench and install septic tanks. We also provide ongoing maintenance and servicing for existing septic systems.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Thermostatic mixing valves are a safe and reliable way to control water temperature. These devices are installed on taps, showers, baths and kitchen sinks. The device automatically calculates the flow of hot and cold water to ensure a constant warm temperature.

Backflow Prevention

All properties connected to a larger water supply must have a backflow prevention device installed. A polluting substance may enter the supply of drinking water. 

However, a backflow prevention device prevents any contaminants from running through your pipes. 

Our plumbers are licensed and accredited to install, inspect, commission and test backflow devices.